White Board

White Board Manufacturer Supplier in Gujarat, India.

All varieties of White Boards with the best writing solution are offered by Title Display Board for use in homes, schools, and commercial settings.

We offer a White Board surface that has the utmost browseability with a minimum glare in order that one will simply read what''s written on the board from any angle or viewpoint. The surface roughness (gloss level) of the sheet is exactly controlled to create the surface sleek, even and flat, to offer you a vast pleasure of writing. Our Ceramic (E3 Steel) work surface is that the good answer for all writing applications because the surface is factory-made from super exhausting ceramic white board, magnetic white board, non magnetic white board, steel sheets that go along with a Warranty. Ceramic coating on the board exponentially will increase scratch, abrasion & corrosion resistance beside the strength of the surface as compared to alkali and regular steel boards. It doesn''t stop at that, our special purpose magnet-friendly White sheets area unit simple dry wipe i.e. the writing surface are often terribly handily cleansed by any normal piece of cloth or a whiteboard duster (eraser) with zero ink remnants (or ghost marks), creating the surface nearly as good as new when you clean it.