Chalk Board

Green Boards

Title Display Board provides a wide selection of Green Board with the best writing solution for usage in residential, educational, and professional environments.

In order to make it easy to read what is printed on the board from any angle or vantage point, we provide a Green Board surface with the most browsability and the least amount of glare. The sheet's surface roughness (gloss level) is precisely regulated to produce a smooth, even, and flat surface that will give you a wide range of writing pleasure. Our Ceramic (E3 Steel) work surface is the ideal solution for all writing applications because it is manufactured from extremely durable ceramic.

Steel sheets that come with a Warranty, green board, ceramic green boards, magnetic green boards, and non-magnetic green boards. In comparison to alkali and ordinary steel boards, a ceramic coating on the board will boost scratch, abrasion, and corrosion resistance along with the strength of the surface considerably. Beyond that, our multipurpose, magnet-friendly Green sheets are dry wipeable, meaning the writing surface can be easily cleaned with a regular cloth or a green board duster (eraser) with no ink residue (or ghost marks), leaving the surface looking almost brand new after cleaning.