White Ceramic Board


White Ceramic Board

Ceramic White Board Supplier Manufacturer in India

White ceramic boards are writing surfaces that are made of a special type of ceramic material. They are similar to traditional whiteboards in that they are designed to be written on with dry-erase markers, but they offer some additional benefits and features.

One of the main advantages of white ceramic boards is that they have a smooth, durable writing surface that is resistant to ghosting and staining. This means that writing and drawings will not leave any residue on the board even after repeated erasing, making it a long-lasting option for everyday use.

White ceramic boards also have a modern, sleek appearance, which can make them a good choice for decor-conscious spaces. They are also resistant to moisture, making them a good choice for use in damp or humid environments, such as bathrooms or kitchens.

White ceramic boards can be mounted on walls, placed on stands, or used as a standalone writing surface. They are commonly used in offices, schools, and other settings where a durable and attractive writing surface is needed.

Minimum Order Quantity 240 Square Feet
Size 6 X 4 feet
Material Ceramic
Usage Home, School, Office
Type Pen/Marker Based
Color White
Frame Material Aluminium
Thickness 0.56 mm

Features + Benefits of CeramicSteel Writing Surfaces

  • Super smooth writing surface
  • Optimum erasability
  • Scratch, fire, bacteria and chemical resistant
  • Greater color contrast
  • Minimal surface/light distortion
  • Enhanced visibility and optimum eye comfort
  • Safe and clean: Cradle to Cradle Certifiedâ„¢ Bronze
  • Standard and premium color finishes available
  • Colorfast-will not fade
  • 99.9% recyclable