Pinup Board

Pinup Board

A pin-up board, also known as a bulletin board, is a type of writing surface that is designed for posting and displaying information using pushpins or tacks. Pin-up boards typically have a porous or fabric-covered surface that allows for the insertion of pushpins or tacks, making them ideal for posting paper documents, notes, and other materials.

Pin-up boards are commonly used in classrooms, offices, and homes for the display of information, schedules, and other important notices. They provide a convenient and versatile option for the display of information, allowing for easy updates and changes as needed.

Pin-up boards come in a variety of sizes and materials, including cork, fabric, and foam, and can be mounted on walls or placed on stands. They are an inexpensive and practical option for the display of information, and can be found in a range of styles and colors to fit different decor needs.

The main advantage of a pin-up board is its versatility. It provides an easy and convenient way to display and update information, making it a popular choice for both personal and professional use.

Product details:

Board Size 1.5*2, 2*2, 2*3, 2*4, 3*4, 4*4, 4*5, 4*6, 4*8, 4*10 and All Size Available
Material Soft
Usage Schools, Office, Tuition Classes, Educational Institute, Collages, Library, Couching classes etc
Color Blue, Red, Green, Marun
Board Size All Sizes